R303 wireless 3G /GSM /WiFi and ISM Router with GPS

Upwis – high-tech company engaged in the development of IOT

UPWIS AB is an outstanding high-tech company that is engaged in the development, marketing and sales of IOT products and systems within Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid/Energy Systems, Medical/fitness, Industrial Automation, Infrastructure.

Upwis utvecklar lågeffekt trådlösa sensorer och routers som ansluter till internet, kommunikationslösningar och datalagring på Internet. Vi anpassar data från egna sensorlösningar och andra källor samt skräddarsyr presentationslösningar för olika tillämpningar såsom:

• Smart Cities – sustainable environment, secured society, environmental control, traffic flow control,
• Smart Grid – energy network control, load balancing, small cooperating energy suppliers,
• Smart factories- resource thin automation
• Intelligent vehicles, proactive ”wear aware” maintenance, security functions, anticollision, transportation
• Health care, home care, remote surveillance and sensors
• Cooperating society, personal sensors, interactive systems
• Security solutions, sensing and securing alarm and lock solutions, positioning
• Smart buildings, homes – energy, comfort, alert and security solutions


The disposable Swedrop storm water filter

SweDrop & SweCin – Storm Water Filter and Self configurating environmental monitoring system

SWECIN AB is a pioneer in storm water cleaning which is engaged in the development, marketing and sales of systems for monitoring of pollutants in water over wide areas and filters for deployment in storm water drains.